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Class Schedule

Joining Tacoma Aikikai

Please contact us to come watch a class at any time. We are happy to answer any questions. After you watch one class, we invite you try a free introductory class. Weekly aikido basics classes cover the fundamentals of rolling, falling, footwork, and techniques. Although these classes provide an essential foundation for beginners, they are important for all levels of practitioner. Please arrive at the dojo 15 minutes prior to class and be ready to leave your shoes at the door.

Enrollment Steps:

1. Contact us and meet the instructor. If you are new to aikido, we ask that you that you observe one class before getting on the mat.

2. Try a free, introductory class. Arrive 15 minutes early and wear loose-fitting clothes that cover the knees and shoulders.

3. Fill out a registration, waiver, and automatic payment authorization form at the dojo. To join, pay your monthly dues and a one-time registration fees of $15. Uniforms are also available for sale (adults: $55; Kids: $40). You may pay in the dojo at the time of joining or online via the Zen Planner student portal. Within the week, you will receive an email giving you a user access name and login code for the online student portal, where you can track attendance, bills, and sign up for special events.

4. Get on the mat!

Fees and Dues

Training at Tacoma Aikikai is on a monthly membership basis. Payments are due by the 10th of each month. We prefer that you sign up for authomatic payment using Zen Planner, the online student portal. To do so, please sign an authorization form in the dojo, and login to Zen Planner to enter your payment information. You will receive an email giving you login information after you completing your registration in the dojo.

If automatic payment is not an option for you, you make make one-time payments via your Zen Planner account or pay with cash or check in the dojo.

If joining in the middle of the month, your first month will be full price and your second month pro-rated based on the time of joining.

Please contact us, if you have any questions regarding fees, registration, or payment.

Fee Schedule
Adults Kid’s
Registration/Joining Fee $15 Registration/Joining Fee $15
Beginner’s Special (includes 2 months, reg fee, and uniform) $150 Mondays (age 5-7) $50
Adult Monthly Membership $80 Wednesday (age 7-12)  $50
Adult Monthly Membership -$15 Student Discount $65
Teen Monthly Membership $65
 *A 20% discount applies to non-discounted adult, teen, and kid membership for all members from the same family.

Online Payments


Donate and Support


Tacoma is a for-profit business with a mission of community empowerment for youth and adults. Your support to help us grow aikido in the South Sound is greatly appreciated. Funds go to help us purchase mats, establish a permanent dojo location, and offer youth sponsorship. Because we are a for-profit business, your donations are not tax deductible.