Tacoma Aikikai Members


Tacoma Aikikai is a uniquely wonderful dojo created and operated by highly-skilled, kind and dedicated teachers. We are truly lucky to have them in the PNW. I recommend this dojo to absolutely anyone.

James B.

As the parent of a student at Tacoma Aikikai, I am incredibly impressed with the quality of instruction and the positive impact it has had on my child. I wholeheartedly recommend Tacoma Aikikai to any parent looking for a great martial arts program.
Chris K.

“Tacoma Aikikai provides me a safe, welcoming place to train with enthusiastic teachers and students. I enjoy the variety of classes, the community activities, and the beautiful facility. I am very happy to have Tacoma Aikikai as my home dojo!”
Liane S.

I am a parent of a teen that is a dedicated student at Tacoma Aikikai. I am grateful for Tacoma Aikikai, the instructors, and all the community members that have my child feel at home in the dojo. My teen has dealt with sensory issues, and I have found that the movement, contact, and connection to the ground have been very helpful for them. Since practicing Aikido regularly, my child is more grounded, less stressed by uncomfortable sensory stimuli, and more connected to their body. Ea and Erik are exceptional teachers for both adults and children. Classes are fun, appropriately challenging, and informative about the greater cultural context of Aikido. They strive to have the classes, community, and general feeling of the dojo be inclusive, cooperative, and community-focused. As a parent, I am grateful that my child is in such a supportive environment.  
Erin J.

i keep thinking about other people out there with what tiktok might call “neurospicy” or neurodiverse brains, peeps who need positive obsessions to “sink their teeth into” mentally. for me personally, finding aikido and investing in myself by showing up for it has had the most positive overall mental and physical health improvement benefits of any commitment i have ever made to myself. i do it because i need a schedule and a group to get my body moving and i need something to focus on just cos brain go brrrr. i do it because i’m in love with the dojo and the energy that practice brings with “exercise-related endorphins” and the reward of challenging myself to get up and try again to go to practice, get up and try again to fall more gracefully, get up and try a technique again. a major part of aikido’s benefit to me derives directly from the nature that it starts out difficult and it stays soooo difficult every time especially when i get better and stronger. i want to tell literally all of my friends to come join me at the dojo, because of the joy and light that practice has been shining for me during this pandemic era.

Roseanna H.

I began training at Tacoma Aikikai almost a year ago with my son, and couldn’t be more pleased with our choice. We looked around at, and heavily researched, a number of other dojos (Aikido and martial arts) and found the atmosphere of Tacoma Aikikai to be the best for us by far.

Mike C.

Teachers, students, and the dojo at large are welcoming and engaging from the very first, encouraging all of us to meet the challenges of aikido with grace and humor. Shared sweat will often make for quick community–but beyond that, there is a care and diligence that pervade the dojo that I have seldom found elsewhere.

Ian C.

Tacoma Aikikai has changed the way I walk; I walk now with an almost instant awareness of where my center is. This awareness comes from the endless repetitions of throwing and being thrown, and the reminders to think about how you are doing each of those actions. Tacoma Aikikai has taught me how to do aikido beautifully, the art of how to strike, fall, rise, and throw in intentional and powerful motions is a welcome and appreciated practice. The instructors at Tacoma Aikikai are more welcoming, kind, patient, and knowledgeable than I know how to describe. Every time that we step on the mat, they are encouraging us to practice and grow. Tacoma Aikikai is a welcoming community that cultivates all our aikido techniques together. I came to Tacoma Aikikai because I had never done a martial art before. Now I’ve learned how easy it is to fall in love with the practice. Through practicing at Tacoma Aikikai, I have learned that aikido is a diversity of small motions. Our practices are just as much about removing the dams on our curiosity as they are about getting our heart rates up and focus sharpened.
Laura L.

When I joined Tacoma Aikikai, in September of 2019, I never expected to fall in love with Aikido. My initial intent was to sign my sons up for classes, but after meeting Ea Sensei and watching one class, my whole family joined even though we had no experience with martial arts. It is a joy to watch my teenage sons develop physically, emotionally, and socially through their training and interactions with Ea Sensei and Eric Sensei and the dojo community. I appreciate the mental and physical challenge of training and the supportive and welcoming community atmosphere. I am deeply grateful for Ea Sensei’s and Eric Sensei’s instruction, dedication, and innovation. They are talented Aikido practitioners and exceptional instructors for students of all ages. With their guidance, the dojo community is always growing in new and exciting ways. It’s truly inspiring.
Allison M.