Youth Aikido Summer Camp

Tacoma Kids Aikido Summer Camp

A martial arts adventure to grow your skills and learn new ones with three half-days of aikido games, culture, and challenges.

Spring 2021 Beginner’s Series

Want to give aikido a try? The 6-week Beginner’s Series is an in-depth introduction and exploration of aikido and martial arts training, including principles of position and movement, ukemi (falling and rolling), nage (throwing), aikido philosophy, and dojo culture and etiquette. The introductory six-week program also provides a good grounding for those who want to pursue further study (note: the program is not required for regular enrollment at Tacoma Aikikai).
*No experience or equipment necessary. Wear loose clothes that cover the knees and elbows, and bring an open mind.

Virtual Aikido Beginner’s Series

Virtual Aikido Beginner’s Series

Take your first steps on a new path. The Aikido Beginner’s Series has gone virtual. Weekly group and individual sessions May 12 – June 2 introduce aikido in theory and practice. See you on the mat.