Join Tacoma Aikikai for a three day summer day camp adventure in Aikido. Kids will learn physical awareness through cooperation using aikido martial arts principles in games, partner practice, rolling, and falling. Each day will also include Japanese bento lunch, Japanese language lessons, and crafts. No aikido or martial arts experience is necessary.

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Tacoma Aikikai Kids Aikido Program

Learn the traditional Japanese martial art of Aikido, “the way of harmony”. This non-competitive art is an ideal way teach kids physical awareness through cooperation. Through rolling, falling, games and partner practice, students in Tacoma Aikikai’s Kids Program develop coordination, confidence, and self-discipline in a fun and lively environment.

Training at Tacoma Aikikai

Tacoma Aikikai offers classes to youth age 6 and up. In general classes, kids of all ages and levels train together to learn cooperation, older students gain mentorship skills. Kids classes provide a healthy dose of physical activity, with movement that cultivates physical fitness and healthy development. Physical contact with the mat, the teacher, and other students helps students feel comfortable in their bodies and their environment, increasing confidence and spatial awareness. While not a focus of the program, stripe and belt testing give benchmarks for achievement and foster a focus and self-discipline for youth.

Class Schedule Monthly Fees
Mondays (all ages, 6+): 4:30-5:20 pm Unlimited: $60/month
Wednesdays (all ages, 6+): 4:30-5:20 pm Beginner’s Special: $100/2 months + uniform
Thursdays (Preteen/Teen, 12+): 5:30 – 6:30 pm
Saturdays (family class): 9-10 am

**Family discount | 2 members – 10% of all fees, 3 members -15% off, 4+ members – 20% off

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