Tacoma Aikikai Kids Aikido Program

Learn the traditional Japanese martial art of Aikido, “the way of harmony”. This non-competitive art is an ideal way teach kids physical awareness through cooperation. Through rolling, falling, games and partner practice, students in Tacoma Aikikai’s Kids Program develop coordination, confidence, and self-discipline in a fun and lively environment.

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Mondays: 5 – 5:45 pm

Ages 5-7

Designed for younger kids. More games and body awareness to increase focus

Wednesdays: 5:30-6:30 pm

Ages 7-12+

More emphasis on techniques and skill-building for older kids

   *20% family discount available

(fees are on a monthly commitment, not a pay-per-class basis)



Q. What age is appropriate for the Aikido Kids Program?

A. Children ages 6-12 are welcome to join Kids classes at Tacoma Aikikai. Youth 12 and above also have the option of joining the adult classes.


Q. Does my child need a uniform?

A. Your child is welcome to practice in loose-fitting clothes that cover the elbows and knees. We do highly recommend, however, purchasing a uniform. We have them available at the dojo for $32-35, depending on your child’s size?


Q. How do payments and commitments work?

A. There are no contracts at Tacoma Aikikai. You are welcome to join at any time. Although we encourage children to stay for an entire session (Spring, Fall, Winter), you are under no obligation and may leave at any time. Payments and membership are on a month-by-month basis. Currently fees are $50/month for either Monday or Wednesday class. If you join mid-month, we are happy to pro-rate your fees.


Q. Do you have any kids programs for the summer?

A. We will have two, week-long Kids Aikido Camps during the summer. If there is interest, we will also continue regular evening classes.


Q. How does the family discount work?

A. We take 20% off all dues for all members of the same family. For instance, if a parent is training in adult classes and a child in kids classes, both get 20% off regular dues. The same is true for two siblings in the same class.


Q. What will my child do during class?

A. We follow Japanese etiquette of showing mutual respect in the dojo. We line up and sitting quietly with good posture before class. We do stretching, jumping, and solo and partner conditioning exercises. You child will learn how to roll and fall forward and backward safely. In partner practice, your child will move to advantageous positions to throw their partner using balance and weight. Aikido games help to develop coordination, footwork, and ground contact.


Q. How will aikido benefit my child physically?

A. We focus on getting kids comfortable using and moving their bodies. This includes becoming comfortable with falling and rolling, contacting each other and the mat, coordinating left and right sides of their bodies, and exploring balance. Many of the skills learned in aikido are transferable to other sports that your child will participate in throughout their life.


Q. What other benefits does aikido have for my child?

A. We’ve found that taking an hour out of the day to focus and pay attention in aikido class has a big effect on relieving excess energy and improving your child’s concentration. We actively create an environment where everyone learns how to practice together in a safe and supportive way.